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One of the first exercises that is quite frankly one of the most important movements / exercises to add into your workout is the HINGE.

We’ll be going over just the basic straight leg deadlift or also known as a Romanian deadlift, as this movement demonstrates a proper hinge of the hips.

The most important thing here is making sure that you are bending right at the hip, while hinging and pushing your butt back.

One of our personal trainers always told clients to have a “big chest (stick their chest out and pull the shoulders back) and big butt (push their butt back)” when having them perform deadlifts or kettlebell swings.

There's going to be a slight bend of the knees, which is fine since it’s natural.

When we add weight to that hinging movement than the concepts are the same, but more pronounced.  

Grab 2 kettlebells to perform a straight leg deadlift (refer to our video below)

All you’re going to do is hinge at the hips, push your butt back, pull shoulders blades together, push your chest out.

You’ll notice that the back is completely straight. It's not rolled or rounded.

The kettlebells will touch the floor, while your arms are on the outside of your legs.

Once you’ve reached the bottom of the movement, you’ll come right back up and finish with your back straight and a thrust forward with the hips.

This exercise, the romanian deadlift is going to teach you the basic fundamentals of just hinging.

As you get better and improve your form, you’ll start adding an actual full deadlift.

This can be done with barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells — to name a few.

Once this has been perfected, than moving forward towards a You kettlebell swing is the next progression.

There's always a progressive movement from one exercise to the next, and kettlebell 2-handed swings would be the first progression on doing a proper hinge movement.

This exercise / movement is going to really work and engage those gluten and hamstrings and giving you a well rounded butt!

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