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The next important movements that will help you improve your strength and conditioning, as well as mobility is the SQUAT.

Squats can be done several ways.

You can do body weight squats.

You can do squats with a resistance band.

You can do squats with other objects such as dumbbells, medicine balls, or kettlebells — and then you can go into doing squats with a barbell.

We’ll be showing you how we do our squats using a barbell.

The key thing here is that we're actually using what's called a power rack to do our squats INSIDE of this rack.

The whole purpose of this is to stay safe.

Safety is the most important thing when it comes actually working out and exercising — so make sure you keep that in mind.

We really encourage and require all of our clients when doing any kind of squatting movement or pressing movement to actually use the power rack so that they stay safe by keeping everything inside the power rack and using the support arms incase a bar needs to leave the lifter because it’s too heavy.

Or, if the actual barbell has to fall down because they can't push it up or go into the full squat.

What the video will demonstrate is going to be a basic front squat.

A barbell front squat required the bar to be in front of the lifter.

When you grab the bar, the easiest way to do this is place the bar on your collar bone, move your body as close as possible, to where the bar is close to your throat.  

Place your hands underneath the bar, while grabbing the barbell with 2 fingers (unless you have more flexibility with your wrist).

Your elbows are going to be going forward, pointed straight, while keeping the bottom of the arm parallel to the floor.

For a better visualization, please refer back to the video below.

When squatting down you’re going to have your feet roughly 45 degrees, your knees are going to be further than shoulder width apart.

This allows you to get a good full range of motion on that squatting movement.

As we talked about on that hinge, where your back is going to be completely straight whenever you’re hinging at the hip, the same thing is going to be applied here where you hinge at the hip, keeping your back straight, pushing your butt back, and putting all your weight on your heels.

Once you’ve parallel with your thighs, you will than drive through your heels push back up to the top, and thrusting your hips forward.

Now, your range of motion could be different.

It's all just dependent if you have any injuries on your feet or ankles, or just your natural flexibility.

The goal is to get down, at about, parallel, which means that your quad, essentially the top of your hip, where it hinges is going to be equal with your knee.

Again, refer to the video.

If you can't get that low then stop where you are most comfortable.

If you have bad knees make sure you stay safe in this entire movement.

Now, as you get used to doing the squats, we always recommend starting off doing it in body weight form — no weights.

From there you slowly add weight.

You can do what's called goblet squats.

You can do dumbbell squats.

Then you slowly start adding, what you call, is a barbell, whether it's a back squat or front squat, that's beside the point, but the thing is that you want to start building up that strength and knowledge of how to properly do these squats.

Let us know if you have any questions on how we can help you improve your squats.

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