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The next important movement or exercise to make sure you're getting the best full body total functional type of work out is called a PULL motion.

A pull is gonna be anything that has to do with pull ups or a rowing motion.

We have some other videos and blog posts out there that show you how to do a proper pull up but more importantly how to build the strength to do a full body weight pull up.

When we do our pull ups, place your hands on the bar past shoulder width.  This will be a relatively wider grip.  Let yourself just hang with your arms fully extended. The goal is to pull ourselves all the way up to where your chin goes just above the bar.

Now, if you have pull up assist bands they are going to help you actually get a full pull up.

Again, if you haven't seen our pull up video, please refer back to that so you have an idea.

You'll simply repeat the motion of pulling yourself up and slowly letting yourself down, in a controlled manner.

How would you use pull ups in real life?

Well, a great way is if you're doing obstacle course races, you have to climb over a wall, that's a pulling motion.

What if your house is on fire? You're not going to jump out your window. Y

You may have to slowly let yourself down.

More importantly, the reason pull ups are so critical is because our society spends 8-10 hours per day (or more) at a desk with their arms forward typing…  This is not a natural position for humans, thus a lot of people’s shoulders are rolled forward.

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