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Our next movement for the 4 best fitness exercises for improved strength and conditioning is a loaded carry.

A loaded carry basically is anything that is loaded onto the body and carried around for distance or duration of time.

The various loaded carries are as followed:

 - Suitcase carry
 - Farmers Walk
 - Single Rack Carry
 - Double Rack Carry
 - Single Rack Carry and Single Waiters Carry
 - Double Waiters Carry

A suitcase carry can be done with a kettlebell or dumbbell that is about 10 to 20% of your body weight.

Just like carrying a suitcase in one arm, the goal here is that you're not falling or leaning over to one side.

You're straight up and down, back is going to be straight, just walking normally.

If you did a double suitcase carry, that is more known as a Farmers Walk.

In this movement everything in the body is straight, back is straight, shoulders are not rolled forward, rather, pulled back, chest is big, core nice and tight, suck in that gut, walking around.

The next loaded carry progression is called a single rack carry, followed by a double rack carry (depending on physical ability).

A rack carry will be where you have, one or two kettlebells in your hand, with the bell sitting on the outside of your arms, rested on your forearm, bicep and chest.,

A lot of the times you see folks in obstacle course races carrying buckets, and this exercise resembles that obstacle.

Again, you just walk a certain distance or time while keeping your back straight, core tight, shoulders pulled back, moving around.

This loaded carry will definitely get your heart rate going.

The final progression to the a loaded carry is known as a Waiters Carry.  This is when you press the kettlebells or dumbbells (one or 2) above your head, locking out your elbows, keeping your core nice and tight, and just keep on walking.

We just showed you a progression on how to do loaded carries, but feel free to watch the video below to get a better visualization of the movements.

Next time you're doing some exercises, get some kettlebells, and start walking around with them.

If you have any questions, let us know.

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