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My name is Javier and I'm the Owner & Head Fitness Coach at FitRanX Westminster, and what I want to do is help you out on how to pick out a good personal trainer.

It may be obvious that I'm going to say, "I'm the best trainer."

However, sometimes we're NOT  the best trainer, or we're not the best fit, and mainly because it can be one's personality. 

Typically what we like to do is when a new prospect calls in and starts asking about our Fitness Program, we actually ask them a few questions:

  • What your fitness goals
  • What are you trying to achieve
  • Are you currently following a fitness program.

What we try to do is gauge a new prospects personality and then go from there.

Personal Trainers... PERSONALITY

We typically then follow up by doing a just complimentary health & wellness consultation where we go over your health and fitness goals, called a Succession Session. 

This is where we really get to see personalities from both sides!

You get to see the personality of our trainers, and we get to see your personality as just a client. 

Sometimes we have clients here that don't really fit what we're looking for, meaning they might be looking for more of a body building kind of gym, or a different style of fitness, thus not making FitRanX Westminster NOT to be a perfect fit. The first thing is, looking for someone is finding out what their personality is like.


Fitness Plan Of Action

The second step to finding a personal trainer, is making sure your fitness trainer has a plan of action that will fulfill your goal.

Not just say, "Yeah we can help you there."

But actually show you a step by step process on how their fitness program works, how it's designed, what it's going to do, and how you're going to achieve those goals.

Money Back Guarantee

The third tip to finding the perfect personal trainer in your area, is going to be what, in my opinion, is the most important part about hiring a fitness trainer.

Do they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Now you're probably wondering, "Is that even possible?"

Well here's the thing, top personal trainers that are worth their weight in gold will give you a money-back guarantee, 100%.

FitRanX Westminster does... but no one else (that we know) does.

And the reason we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee is because we trust our fitness program so much so that we'll put our money where our mouth is.

So when you're looking for a personal trainer, when you're looking for a trainer to help you meet your fitness goals make sure you find a trainer with a good personality.  Do you match with their personality?  Do they fit with what you're trying to work with?  Next is, does the personal trainer actually have a plan of action for you trying to achieve your health & fitness goal?  Do they lay it out for you? Finally, does the fitness trainer have a money-back guarantee.

If you find a personal trainer that has all three things, typically in my opinion, those will be your best fitness trainers, and you should move forward with them.

If you have any questions for myself, let me know. I'm here to help you out. I've been running our personal training fitness studio in Westminster since 2008, and we've helped 100s of residents in Westminster, Broomfield & Thornton achieve their goals.


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